Nicola McLelland

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Professor of German and History of Linguistics, Faculty of Arts, University of Nottingham

Recent Publications

  • 2015. German Through English Eyes.: A History of Language Teaching and Learning in Britain, 1500-2000 Harrassowitz.
  • 2015. Teach Yourself Chinese - how? The history of Chinese self-instruction manuals for English speakers, 1900-2010 Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association. 50(2), 109-152
  • ANDERSEN, ELIZABETH, BAUSCHKE, RICARDA, MCLELLAND, NICOLA and REUVEKAMP, SILVIA, eds., 2015. Literarischer Stil. Mittelalterliche Dichtung zwischen Konvention und Innovation.
  • 2014. French and German in Competition in British Schools, 1850-1945 Documents pour l'histoire du français langue étrangère ou seconde: Special issue:, ed. Marcus Reinfried: French, English and German: three languages in competition between 1850 and 1945. 52, 125-151


Department of German Studies Nottingham University






Relevant Links
German Through English Eyes
History of Modern Language learning and Teaching in Britain

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