Uwe Schütte on W.G. Sebald

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This month saw the publication of Uwe Schütte's substantial study "Interventionen. Literaturkritik als Widerspruch bei W.G. Sebald" which promises to revise many perceptions about the writer Sebald who was also Schütte's PhD supervisor. 

It was in late September 1992 that I arrived in the UK from Munich to embark on an MA programme in German literature. The unusual decision to come to England to study German (rather than English) literature resulted from a book I had only come across by chance: It was called Die Beschreibung des Unglücks (The Description of Unhappiness) and contained a number of essay on Austrian literature from the nineteenth century to the present.

These essays that were quite unlike the kind of literary research I had read during my years at Munich University. – lLuc…

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Rilke im Welt-Bezug 2015 International Rilke Society Conference

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Between the 16th and 18th September 2015 the University of London will be the host for the conference
Rilke im Weltbezug (with emphasis on Rilke in English Translation and the Anglophone Literature). This event is organised by the Centre for Anglo-German Relations at Queen Mary University of London in
collaboration with the Internationale Rilke-Gesellschaft, the Austrian Embassy and the Ingeborg Bachmann Centre for Austrian Literature. 

If you would like to find out more about the Ingeborg Bachmann Centre in London and its events please contact the Centre's Director:

Dr Heide Kunzelmann
Ingeborg Bachmann Centre
IMLR, University of London
Senate House, Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU
Tel: 020 7862 8959


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