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The London Library is an independent lending library specialising in the arts and humanities. It has more than one million items, the majority on open shelves for members to borrow. From its beginning in 1841, the Library has been actively collecting books in five major European languages, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian, and holds books in more than 40 further languages. No acquisition is ever discarded, so the collection at the same time offers current and older material, a lot of which is not easily accessible elsewhere.

The London Library is well known in literary circles and is also part of professional networks (such as the German Studies Library Group). The foreign language collections, however, are less well used than the English language materials and a new initiative is currently being implemented to highlight the library's foreign language collections to expatriates, language enthusiasts and foreign language specialists.

By being part of GRIB, the London Library hopes to achieve the following objectives:

  • become more widely known, especially among German native speakers and people with

interest in German language and culture

  • gain new members interested in our German language collections
  • increase the use of our German language collections
  • raise our profile generally
  • improve and add to professional contacts and collaboration with other similar institutions

By Michael Schmalholz, German Collections Specialist, The London Library


The London Library
14 St James's Square

Main Switchboard: (020) 7930 7705

Main Fax: (020) 7766 4766

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