Institute of Modern Languages Research

The Germanic Studies Library, formerly the Library of the Institute of Germanic Studies, now part
of the University of London Research Library Services (ULRLS) is devoted principally to German
language and literature from their respective beginnings in 1950 to the present day, and has
substantial collections of books (around 110,000), journals (around 35,000), microfiches, theses
and archives covering these fields.
'German' in this context refers to the German language, and coverage includes German (including
both East and West Germany during the Cold War), Austrian and Swiss-German literature.
Literature by ethnic minorities within the German-speaking countries is acquired, provided it is
first written in German and not translated from another language, as is a representative selection
of German literature produced by communities elsewhere (Alsace, US, Canada, Russia, Rumania,
Israel, etc.). The language collection is devoted to the German language of all periods (Old High
German, Middle High German, Early New High German, New High German). There are substantial
holdings on regional dialects, and selective holdings on Primitive Germanic and early
manifestations such as runes, gothic and Langobardic. The GSL also specialises in Exile Studies
Being part of GRIB will provide the Germanic Studies Library with the opportunity to

  •  become known to a wider readership outside university and scholarshi
  •  increase the use of our collection and archives
  • give students and readers the possibility to use other German collections
  • raise our profile generally
  • improve the collaboration with libraries and institutions providing German material


Institute of Modern Languages Research
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